When people see associates from Invincible City Developments in action, they can immediately see that we’re a tight-knit team. There are so many factors that drive our collective success, starting from the type of person we hire to join our firm. However, it’s more than just the quality of our associates. We really take time to nurture the bonds between our team members.

CJ, Invincible City Developments’s President., is a big proponent of seizing opportunities to build our team. We have regular team nights and workshops, as well as some special events. These are some fundamentals that we follow to make sure our gatherings have a positive effect:

• Have a Goal: While not every team event is going to be structured, we should have some agenda. For example, an outing to a restaurant for dinner could be a recognition celebration. An evening playing laser tag can be used to break down barriers between roles and forge better collaboration by pairing up people who don’t usually work together.

• Be Inclusive: The point of team building is to bring everyone together. Therefore, it’s important that we select activities in which every person can participate comfortably. This means considering diverse physical abilities and cultures.

• Get Input Before and After: The best predictor of a good event is whether it’s something that everyone will buy into. This means soliciting ideas from team members about what they might like to do. After each function, get their input as to how well they thought it went, which will provide insights into how to improve.

Our next team activity is coming up soon. Follow Invincible City Developments on Instagram to see what we’re doing next.

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