We enjoy a lot of fun and rewarding travel events as members of Team Invincible City Developments, with the next stop in Miami. We’ll learn about clean, renewable energy and how to use technology to make a positive impact in the world. The fact that the sustainable energy landscape is constantly evolving makes our work fascinating. This trip will help us get in touch with some emerging trends and stay ahead of the competition.

We also have a trip to Dallas on the docket. We’ll be attending a national leadership conference in the heart of Texas, discussing important changes and updates in our industry with the top performers in the game. There will be keynote speeches on all kinds of topics. We’ll also be able to expand our Invincible City Developments contact lists by engaging with highly accomplished people.

An R&R getaway to Cancun is coming up in October as well. As you can imagine, this is causing quite a buzz in our office. Those lucky enough to attend this retreat will be able to relax and recharge along with top industry stars. It’s sure to be a memorable trip.

CJ, our firm’s President, explained that with each trip, we’ll return to the home office with new connections and innovative insights to fuel winning outreach campaigns.

We’re ready to hit the road! Check out the Invincible City Developments Instagram for updates on our team travel events.

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