We’ve decided to focus on themes in the Invincible City Developments office, and this month we highlight one of the most vital success skills – goal setting. And since many of us are soccer fans, we’ve agreed to work in as many soccer references as possible to help illustrate our points. Fun, right?

So, to get the goal-setting ball rolling, we start by writing out what we’d like to accomplish. The act of working through our thoughts and clarifying them enough to write them out communicates to our brains that this is something we take seriously. We instantly become more motivated and focused. Think of it as the way we get our heads in the game.

And in the same way that a child would work their way up from Pee-Wee League to become a World Cup player, we start our Invincible City Developments goals small and then think bigger. First, as new team members, we consider our careers in terms of what we can do in a day. Then, as we gain confidence and expertise, we focus on weeks, months, quarters, and finally years. Planning long-term requires the same kind of mental fitness and stamina that a celebrated athlete would train for as well.

Add in some visualization practice, persistence, plus a positive attitude, and you’re ready to take the field! Check out our Invincible City Developments Instagram feed to learn more about the success tips we use to up our games.

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