Leadership is a Invincible City Developments value that influences our culture and operations. It’s no coincidence that CJ, our company’s President, is a great leader himself. To say thank you to CJ for setting such a high standard for our team, we wanted to ask him a few questions and let him enjoy the spotlight in this month’s blog.

“My proudest accomplishment in life has easily been raising my 11-year-old son Peyton,” CJ shared. “He’s such a sweet and lovable kid – I couldn’t have asked for anything more.” When asked what he was proudest of in his work life, he said, “My favorite thing about Team Invincible City Developments is the individuality everyone brings. We look for qualities in all our hires such as work ethic, accountability, and grit, but we let people apply these traits in whatever way suits them best. There’s such a diverse group of personalities and backgrounds, and we manage to bring them all together and make it work.”

We wanted to get to know a few personal details about CJ as well, so we asked him what advice he would give his younger self. “Take more chances,” he declared. Then, when considering the goals he has for the firm in 2020, he replied, “I plan to continue pushing the clean tech revolution across the globe. Climate change is an issue that we are all very passionate about and we believe that our combined efforts can help change the world.”

It’s easy to see why we’re proud to follow CJ’s leadership. Like Invincible City Developments on Facebook to learn more about our office values and how they lead us to success.

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