Getting ResultsThat Matter

We’re on a mission to identify new customers for renewable power businesses, like our partner Titan Solar Power, so that they can increase their impact.

Our team members meet face-to-face with residential consumers and owners of small to medium sized businesses and deliver powerful presentations that educate and inspire. By converting people from unsustainable energy to replenishable energy, we’re igniting action that makes a difference.

How Our Collaboration Works

Our work connects people to the world-changing results and simplicity of adopting the power of solar energy. Our partner, Titan Solar Power, proceeds to deliver and install unique and innovative solar solutions to make cutting energy costs a reality. Through our partnership, we create a real impact in the world.

Our Experts are Trained by Industry Leaders

We know what it takes to create market impact because our people have learned from the best. Through in-depth platform learning, digital workshops, and more, our team members become smart tech experts. It’s a comprehensive approach to solar energy education that focuses on technology as well as branding, marketing communications, and performance analytics. This is how we ensure we have a team equipped with the expertise needed to turbocharge awareness, educate, and create new customers who are passionate about smart energy.

Awards at Invincible City Developments